Street Art in Berlin

Berlin street art in Mehringplatz: by Danish street artist  Don John  showing a flock of exotic birds flying out of a man’s hoodie

Street art is as much a part of Berlin’s landscape as the TV Tower or the Brandenburg Gate - it is everywhere you go bringing colour to even the grayest of days. There are bold, striking pieces and small, unobtrusive ones, often overlaid with graffiti tags in brightly coloured layers. I didn’t always notice it as I wandered the streets, but when I opened my eyes and looked around street art was literally everywhere. Whether your view street art as ‘art’ or not, the streets of Berlin are as full of paint as the Louvre.


The first pieces of street art I saw when I arrived in Berlin were right outside my hotel. As I walked the streets I found more and more pictures and writing. It fascinated me and drew me along streets with no aim other than to follow the images. Shops were decorated with names and slogans. Buildings were completely covered with images of all kinds. Even doorways to homes were decorated, like the painting I spotted with a sweet little boy in a yellow jacket.


On the morning that I went to visit the Jewish Museum I got off the U-Bahn at Hallesches Tor and headed towards the museum. Siri had told me that it was an eight minute walk to the museum from the station, but it took me closer to and hour and a half.. That part of the city was quite open and it was easy to spot images in the distance. Glimpses enticed me all around the area as I wandered to get a closer look at them. I think my favourite was the house with a ruined castle painted on the wall. The detail was amazing and the skill of the painter left me speechless. The contrasting red writing on the same house’s garden fence definitely brought a smile to my face - and still does every time I look at the photos I took.


Of all the cities I have visited, Berlin is the most decorated and vibrant when it comes to graffiti. One of the walls in Friedrichshain sums this up far better than I ever could:

Berlin without graffiti is Munich.
Berlin street art, Without graffitti Berlin is Munich

There are countless companies offering tours of the street art in Berlin, but really, you won’t need one. Just follow your feet - and your heart - and see what you find. I know that you won’t be disappointed.


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