Cola Beach


They say that life is about the journey, not the destination., but with Cola Beach I’d definitely disagree.

Cola Beach is a tranquil paradise and one of South Goa's most beautiful undiscovered beaches. But, there's a reason the beach is so blissfully isolated. The last few kilometers of the 'road' to get to the beach are a treacherous, heavily pitted dirt track that only a few local taxis will brave. The taxi driver who drove me from my villa in Vagator (possibly the only nervous taxi driver in the whole of India, but that's another story for another day) stopped outside the local bank and told me that he wouldn't go any further. We had to wait there for a local driver who would brave the track down to the lagoon. As we drove down the rutted red dirt track towards Cola beach I could see why.

I'd booked two nights in the Blue Lagoon Resort before heading back to London and 'real life'. The resort is small. There are just a six or eight huts along the beach and a few more nestled in the trees along the edge of the lagoon. There is a another small resort across the lagoon, but even so the beach is blissfully empty.

The beach itself is far longer that you realise at first, with the lagoon and the bar nestled at one end. Walking the full length of the beach, paddling in the waves, or dodging them for fun, led me away from the bar and around the gently curving coast. At the far end of the beach I found a little rocky area where the sand is completely covered in tiny pebbles and worn down shells. It's such a contrast to the soft sand of the rest of the beach. I spent a long while watching the strong waves bring little treasures to me before they were swept away again a minute or two later. PIcking up the little pretties before the next wave arrived became quite a game - the waves are really strong here and I got knocked over into a more than once as I played with them. The laughter and the joy I felt in the strength of the waves was getting wet for, even without the treasures that I collected.
And yes, there's a little jar of those treasures by my side now as I sit writing in London.

Did I mention that my room was right by the beach? It was the perfect place to meditate. Just look at that view!

My first morning there I chose a meditation from Davidji* on akasha... space... infinite possibilities. It seemed fitting for the location and for my mood that day. The meditation was blissful and uplifting - how can anyone not be uplifted in a place so perfectly peaceful - but the real bliss came as my meditation finished. I took a deep breath and slowly opened my eyes, looked out over the ocean and there, right in front of me, were a pair of dolphins playing in the waves!

The view from my villa - perfect!

The view from my villa - perfect!

  • If you've never meditated I can recommend the 40 days to transform your life series by Davidji. I got my version through the Daily Om website, but they're also available on Davidji's own website.  I go back to the five element meditations quite often (days 6 through 10) as they are great for re-focussing me.

    If you already have a regular meditation practice this series would be great if you need a bit of inspiration




My room was a real surprise. I’d expected rustic and, well, slightly dodgy because I was right on the beach (and because I’d only paid £22 a night). I couldn’t have been more wrong. The bed was huge and soft. Even the sheets were soft to the touch and felt like a gentle caress against my skin. I’m not sure I’d like to be there in the monsoon season, as there was definitely sky peeking through the roof in the bathroom. There was also a potted palm tree in my bathroom, which more than made up for the bits of sky.

The beautiful seat in the room didn’t get used for anything other than holding my bits and bobs. I spent all my time outside on the beautiful tiled veranda facing the sea or on the lounger just outside my villa. One thing that I made me smile was the shallow bowl of water placed in the shade to the side of the veranda entrance, put there to wash sand from your feet. There was no way to get to the villa without getting sandy and having my own personal foot bath was wonderful. I know - I’m easily pleased by the small things in life.

By the way - how adorable is that little guy in the photo below? He never learned to use the water bowl to keep the sand off the veranda, but he was so cute that I forgave him every time he visited.




There is only one bar / restaurant at the Blue Lagoon, but it’s all you need. There’s a wide variety of different sorts of food: Indian, Chinese, European. Literally something for everyone and everything I tried was delicious! In fact, I ate so much that I was almost glad my stay here was short. I’m not sure if my favourite meal was the nutty Chicken Maharaja or the fresh, herby potato salad that provided the perfect midday snack for a day lazing on the beach.

As you can see, it was a terribly long way to drag myself from the beach to get food. How on earth did I manage?

In the evenings I settled down to read my book over dinner, accompanied by only the sound of the waves on the beach and the gentle conversation of the other chilled out people staying at the Blue Lagoon. Every evening I found I had company in the form of a furry, purry table decoration. There were half a dozen or so cats wandering around the resort. They were very friendly and it was good to have a little feline company, as I’d seen so few cats while I’d been in India.



The best thing about Cola beach - other than the idyllic setting (and the dolphins) - is that there is absolutely nothing to do.

But there is everything that you need.

I woke in the morning with the sound of the slow, heavy waves right outside my door.  Wandering just a few steps took me to the bar for meals where I ate watching the sunlight on the water. I'd taken a book with me to read, but somehow my eyes always drifted away from the words and back to watching the sea before I had read more than a few pages. I had never realised the soothing power and addiction of the sea until I spent time at Cola Beach.