Comida Caseira


Vagator is the home of a multitude of restaurants and cafes serving an incredible variety of cuisines. Comida Caseira, on the main street, opened its doors for the first time early in 2019 and is already gaining a well-deserved reputation for the amazing food and friendly atmosphere to be fond there.

The restaurant is run by an incredibly warm and vivacious mother and daughter. They serve Goan dishes with a strong Portuguese flavour, made from recipes that have been handed down through their family over a number of generations.


The restaurant is beautifully laid out and decorated. The walls have been covered in huge shell mosaics for many years, but gone are the scruffy old iron table and broken lights of the previous establishment. In their place are clean pale wood, atmospheric lights in rope covered bottles, eye-catching art and a wonderfully welcoming, homely atmosphere. Even the bathroom area is beautiful: a charming boudoir-type sink area and inside the walls are filled with interesting pieces to distract you while you’re doing whatever it is you choose to do in the privacy of a bathroom

It was late in the season by the time I found Comida Caseira and the place was quite empty the first evening I visited. I wandered in and settled at a table close to the door so I could look out into the street and watch the world go by while I ate. Within moments I felt totally at ease. Everything was so comfortable and calm and peaceful there. And my feeling of relaxed belonging was only increased when the manager insisted on bringing a fan over to the corner by my table. It was much appreciated on that hot, humid evening, but very unexpected.


The menu made my life temporarily very difficult. The range of choices was huge and significantly different from other restaurants I’d visited in Goa. My eyes danced eagerly over the options before deciding. I already knew I’d be coming back in the very near future to explore the menu more completely.

There’s another wonderful thing about Comida Caseira - everything is made fresh, from scratch, when you order. This is a thing they celebrate and delight in. Definitely people after my own heart! People who take time to do something that brings pleasure, joy, contentment, to all who pass through their doors. They even have sweet little notices on each table saying…

We at Comida want you to slow down, take time out and enjoy the experience. We area home style kitchen and bar. Our food will take time to reach your table, since everything that you order will be made from scratch. This is how it was always supposed to be. Let’s unlearn.

Everything I ate at Comida Caseira was wonderful. Even the eggs benedict that I had on my very last morning in Vagator. I didn’t expect particularly good eggs benedict (I’m very partial to this dish and famously fussy about it) but it was the best breakfast I had during the whole of my time in Goa. I ate a little too much every time I visited, but still couldn’t resist their desserts. I still can’t decide whether my favourite was the no bake Choco pie or the caramel custard.

And I never once managed to eat there without the chef wandering over to ask if I’d enjoyed my meal. She asked with real interest and her pleasure at knowing she’d cooked something that was enjoyed was so visible on her face.

Oh, and please - when you visit - don’t forget to try the cocktails. They have specials on that change quite often, but the barman’s skills are exceptional!


Comida Caseira makes some of the best food in Vagator, Goa. Find out more in this great restaurant review post by Passion & PEace blog

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