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If I were asked to describe my art in one sentence, I would use the words of Gabrielle Garcia Marquez – “the world was so new that many things had no names and you had to point your finger at them.”
- Anastasia R. Simes (Find some great travel quotes and work out how they fit into your views on travel and life)

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

This website , I consider  the one man show I have never been offered, as only a few people know I exist. Hopefully there are many who will enjoy this site.

“Composer Seth Bedford likes wandering the West Village in search of coffee and is passionately committed to daydreaming. He is entirely too enthusiastic about Mid-Century Modern design and architecture, 1930’s Weimar Kabarett, 1960’s French Pop, attempting to paint, and pretending to learn new languages. When he is not doing those things, he composes silly music and teaches elementary aged children to do the same.”

To bring this world to life as best I can, I use oil paint, paper, pencil, ink, spray paint, fiber, coffee and wax. I view the world as comprised of light and dark and I wish all of my works to contain elements of both.

I am amazed by the resilience of humans, the strength we have to live through so many ups and downs, good and bad, then overcome them, start again, and reinvent and rebuild and even thrive. Like a tree sprouting up from the ground, the roots of our past give us strength to start over and begin a new life or endeavor. Life can be magical, an alchemy of natural elements combining to create whatever we desire. I am impressed when people move forward and start again and believe in themselves as they build the next chapter or version of themselves or their business.  So, celebrate rebirth and new beginnings.  Inspire creativity and invention.  Remind us all of the magic of life. Embrace the elements of earth, air, fire, and water coming together to creating something new.