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Hello and welcome to our travel blog!  We are Dustin and Lindsey, a husband/wife blogging duo. We spend our free time traveling, thinking about our next trip, and taking photographs.  Not intending to be too morbid, but every one of us has a finite amount of time on this planet.  We plan to make the most of ours!  Share in our adventures and get ideas for your own travels.  We aim to provide our travel stories, images that capture the essence of our adventures, travel advice, and general background knowledge on places we visit so that you feel empowered to make much of your own time.


Hello everyone and welcome to Passion & Peace: a travel blog, an outlet for sharing ideas, feelings and stories. A place to narrate both visually and by writing my experiences while traveling the world (or staying at home) and sharing thoughts along the way.

A place to share, connect and meet likeminded people and discuss about travel, life and everything that comes up on the way, together.

Basically, a space to think out loud and share this travel experiences and stories with everyone interested while challenging myself to write more, do more and take things to a new level.

Would love to create a bit of community around this and make everyone who read this blog part of the experience in some way, active participants and indeed a real and important part of the story.

I still have many doubts on where to take this blog, what to do with it. Many exciting and challenging ideas on my mind, and lots of motivation that I hope will align once we get started and rolling with this. I was wasting a lot of time with things like its design, the name, the details which many would say are as equally important. Anyway, I want to make this blog around its content, photos and stories so it was pointless wasting more time around those external things that were preventing its launch.

Passport Soul because I want to think, feel, and experience travel in a more meaningful way than just crossing countries out of a checklist. A way of giving travel and our passports a deeper and more meaningful purpose than just going from point A to point B. A place to reflect about the meaning and real worth of traveling. Give our travels and passports a soul to feel, experience and grow. A way of incorporating a traveler’s attitude, the exploration call, the open mind, the will of being amazed and all the benefits of real travel to our everyday and “common” life. Giving a “travel” attitude to our souls.

So welcome to the blog. Hope you want to join this undefined (but exciting?) journey. Let’s see where it takes. Lots of ideas and excitement that hopefully will take an interesting path. Let’s explore together, let’s travel! Don’t forget to subscribe to to the email newsletter to keep updated on new posts.

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Looking for travel inspiration or need practical information for traveling with kids? You are in the right place. Our destination guides are designed for families like yours. You will find information on where to go, the best things to do, where to stay, how to get around, and great things to eat. The guides are based on our own experiences. We will not recommend anything we have not directly experienced.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. - Lao Tzu

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Sometimes we forget how beautiful our hometown is. It´s always there, it´s not something new. We get used to it. But do we really know everything about it? Do we really know everything about something at all?

Just looking at it with fresh eyes, a different look, a different attitude, a different mood. Then you realise there is so much more to it, so much more to appreciate you´ve never seen. After many years living in a place, one day you find something new, something different. You are suddenly shocked by something that was always there, and you never noticed or at least never in the way you saw it now. Adopting the excitement of a traveler seeing an exotic place and a different culture for the first time, you discover a whole new experience, a new home. Grabbing a camera and looking deeply at where you´re actually living, uncovers new and exciting travel experiences right around the corner.